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If trust is earned, why would we trust your god, who has not earned any of it?

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Kajilrajas 8 months ago
My favorite is the Orange cat
Akinobar 8 months ago
You are late to the party comrade
Gugami 8 months ago
evidence of a human creator?
Feran 8 months ago
That doesn't refute my statement.
JoJosida 7 months ago
Church history doesn't translate into Church teaching.
Kemi 7 months ago
Huskies don't like cats.
Zulkikus 7 months ago
Haven't read and proud of it?
Talar 7 months ago
Lick it, sucko. Truth hurts you, I know.
Vudozragore 7 months ago
I love any and every condiment! ??
Nikojinn 6 months ago
ideas why islam have been weak period of colonialism.
Shakakasa 6 months ago
Welcome back. :) what took you so long?!
Samuzil 6 months ago
Uh huh suuuurre...?????? Fight Club.
Mezigor 5 months ago
You're done using it now. Else, 3 days.
Kacage 5 months ago
Not until you give these arguments for God.
Dugul 5 months ago
There is no sales pitch for atheism.
Jushicage 5 months ago
B.S. there is no dress code at the polls.
Mek 5 months ago
What you up too lately
Vihn 5 months ago
Thank you for not bothering to READ THE ARTICLE!
Ferr 4 months ago
I'll give you that one! :)
Vimuro 4 months ago
That is very true...
Mazura 4 months ago
What made Fred Rogers a great Christian, is this:
Voodootilar 4 months ago
Key phrase in their own mind .
Nikolrajas 4 months ago
What is wrong about it?
Daizshura 3 months ago
It is quite true.
Mikalkis 3 months ago
Worms prove GOD exists.
Dair 3 months ago
abortion isn't a big deal.
Gardaran 3 months ago
Christian nations invaded much of the Americas and Africa.

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