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440 07:3010 months ago

He'd have no shortage of murderers to invite to the party. And they already have enough taxpayer cash(10.5 M) to pay for their own flight.

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Tojataxe 10 months ago
I wouldn?t be surprised.
Moogukasa 10 months ago
Shakashicage 10 months ago
Rules in Ontario for using C02 in greenhouse applications...http://
Tushicage 9 months ago
Its great those terrorists are exposed
Gardatilar 9 months ago
Doesn't refute the convenience.
Tauk 9 months ago
pick this fight at your peril. Godspeed.
Kall 9 months ago
Can you prove there is no flying spaghetti monster?
Kaktilar 9 months ago
What kind of music you like
Samur 8 months ago
I know you leftys will..
Brasho 8 months ago
Pretty good ma man... how bout yourself?
Tet 8 months ago
My comments seem to go over your head.
Fenrishura 8 months ago
Buttons like an organ!!??????????
Kabei 7 months ago
Prove that your own orientation is not innate.
Daicage 7 months ago
Hey Roger. I know you
Braramar 7 months ago
I give up....send it over.
Kigadal 7 months ago
It is quite absurd.
Mutaur 7 months ago
Thanks for your story.
Voodoozshura 6 months ago
Religion is a man made thing.
Faulrajas 6 months ago
Really? Science would disagree with you.
Feran 6 months ago
Maybe we could extend it through tomorrows?
Vunris 6 months ago
As Republicans call this 57billion is nothing.
Fem 5 months ago
oh blah blah blah how tedious
Dakinos 5 months ago
Come on, Sir T.
Kigazragore 5 months ago
At lest it wasn't fecal paced. Yikes!
Mazukree 5 months ago
Irregular? Is that true?
Arashizil 5 months ago
Tambien? *stands outside shirtless*
Ket 5 months ago
How am i wrong?
Kenris 5 months ago
In the way he said it (see above).

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