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818 07:2611 months ago

The best thing about youtube, IMHO, are the how -to's. I have fixed so many things that saved me lots-o-money. From how to replace the timing belt on a Honda, to fixing the gas heater (in the middle of the coldest day of the year when it quit), to watching people I follow give talks on TED or teachers.

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Mikar 11 months ago
Depends....there are varying degrees of confidence for various events.
Gardar 10 months ago
And of course, your ignorance shows through.
Vilar 10 months ago
It's not Bingo, it's nonsense.
Mikasa 10 months ago
Yep, all religions are silly.
Arashizilkree 10 months ago
You seem to be quite well read.
Kagagami 10 months ago
They don't just cry wolf, they actually have wolf!
Maujas 10 months ago
The thing is...Starnes is making up hyperbole.
Grojinn 10 months ago
Oh, now here's a story..with or w/o a motor?
Yozshunris 10 months ago
He will have to check with Putin first.
Nikorr 9 months ago
Jake c'mon show some respect or leave. thank you.
Jubar 9 months ago
And yet, Christians are my brethren.
Talrajas 9 months ago
fallacy of "no god means no morals".
Goltihn 9 months ago
Lawd...slap ya momma sexy ??????
Karg 9 months ago
Nature won't hit the reset though.
Mara 9 months ago
Should be revised to:
Nalmaran 9 months ago
making the point of the article by example, huh?
Tygogal 8 months ago
And now I think we're done here.
Akinojora 8 months ago
That's great.. where you from
Durr 8 months ago
Unless it harms others.
Zugami 8 months ago
"The Chief"from....... Czechoslovakia
Tera 7 months ago
Science.biology to be more specific.
Shalabar 7 months ago
How much are you going to bet?
Malagrel 7 months ago
Wow. This are all facts?
Grocage 7 months ago
Did we really land on the moon?
Doull 7 months ago
We are done talking about this.
Kasida 7 months ago
Yes. I think bikers are pretty cool too!
Zudal 7 months ago
But that's what's so crazy about it George.
Vilabar 6 months ago
Because the "reset button" was so productive, Hillary?
Shataur 6 months ago
Atta Baby Ray ????????????
Dikazahn 6 months ago
Then don't do it.

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