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His Noodlyness trembles not. He waves and squiggles. He holy sauce trumps sweet lordlyness. Ramen

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Brasida 8 months ago
To be fair, libtards aren't all that clever.
Daizuru 7 months ago
You remember then? I don't.
Dorn 7 months ago
Again, she is a legal woman.
Vojin 7 months ago
He found that Helix.
Jujin 7 months ago
Question for Mods. well @theunknownsleeper really
Zukasa 7 months ago
Democrats and Liberals have always supported slavery
Akikus 6 months ago
Probably the same ones...since they are hypocritical
Vudogrel 6 months ago
That "civilization " has STONINGS every Friday...
Arara 6 months ago
Liger is Sexy cause I'm a Sexy Beast, Baby
Yolmaran 6 months ago
Dogs aren't racist and neither are whistles...
Kajikazahn 5 months ago
You got all 12 right, good job
Golabar 5 months ago
"Atheists imagine they have an answer:"
Grojas 5 months ago
My "hangover" is from lack of sleep! LOLOL!!!!
Melabar 5 months ago
OMG Hawaii has its own MAXINE WATERS IDIOT!

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