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98 07:3910 months ago

There are similarities, but there are also similarities between Dr. Seuss books and Curious George books.

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Daigami 10 months ago
Yes better now thanks :))
Shaktirr 10 months ago
They need to re-watch Rocky IV.
Menos 10 months ago
She is very pretty but she also scares me!!
JoJobar 9 months ago
No triggering. Just want people to be honest.
Kigalabar 9 months ago
How much is a lottle touchy?
Kigajind 9 months ago
Zero evidence. None. Zippo. Nada. Ziltch.
Kagakinos 9 months ago
Your response was intellectually dishonest.
Nikor 8 months ago
The earth is going to become a hothouse.
Arashigore 8 months ago
Yes, very cleverly spoken. And classy!
Fejora 8 months ago
Three comments is too difficult to keep track of?
Fenrishicage 8 months ago
Nice false dichotomy you have there.
Vudonos 8 months ago
Justify your homophobia in any way you wish...
Zulukazahn 8 months ago
No! Say it ain't so.
Tazshura 7 months ago
I like the food at Momofuku
Faelkree 7 months ago
You don't know that.
Taudal 7 months ago
You are older than me.
Arashigrel 7 months ago
Insults deleted, Indy. Knock it off.
Zoloktilar 6 months ago
Why should we all suffer for one couple's choice?
Tojall 6 months ago
You said And Judaism's practice is to discourage conversion.
Kagagore 6 months ago
The letters are not the word of Christ.
Mazusho 6 months ago
A Trip On The Imagination Train
Shataxe 6 months ago
It happens to be true.
Nikolmaran 5 months ago
Oh my goodness, this trumpie is upset.
Zulut 5 months ago
You conveniently overlook Obama. Interesting.
Doukasa 5 months ago
All of these came from a source you provided.
Tole 5 months ago
Imagine that...Christians using deception. (snark)

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