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If this is an example of your "logic" then you need to take some basic courses in logic. Some problems:

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Zulkirr 10 months ago
Yep, and it is wrong to do so.
Taugore 10 months ago
And you are? (Other than a frustrated hausfrau.)
Akinoramar 10 months ago
These far-left conspiracy theories are getting weirder and weirder...
Goltishicage 9 months ago
Or you can?t articulate your point.
Kami 9 months ago
OK. What's there to correct?
Malaktilar 9 months ago
Sad that you claim what you can't back up!
Nikokazahn 9 months ago
he still never gave up believing in Him.
Mudal 9 months ago
Yahweh doesn't have Chromosomes!
Julmaran 9 months ago
But mostly you're chill , Susan. :)
Mehn 9 months ago
Actually multiple parts of it have been validated.
Arajora 8 months ago
Go and write your own.
Akijinn 8 months ago
"Lies to get our grocery money"
Taule 8 months ago
Mandatory Patriotism Isn't Patriotic.
Mushicage 8 months ago
Yet Jesus couldn't heal that.
Kelkree 8 months ago
Made this thread why?
Voodookasa 7 months ago
How do you coerce someone into being an atheist?
Juzshura 7 months ago
that I have no doubt!
Jugis 7 months ago
Why is that the best?
Yora 7 months ago
do you know what the word "obtuse" means?
Vogami 7 months ago
The exigencies of success.
Dum 7 months ago
He works for Maxine.
Fenris 7 months ago
I?d mount her and hang off her rack??????

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