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they are unable to protest without violence and destruction of other people's sh*t

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Vudal 6 months ago
Yep now no one is working. Good plan
Gardajar 6 months ago
Man, lots of misrepresentation here.
Mezilkree 6 months ago
Ah, I must grab some.
Shaktijora 6 months ago
The rest are as kooky as Hoyle, long discredited.
Gomi 6 months ago
I think it's coming to a head.
Dujar 5 months ago
That case does not apply.
Kagajin 5 months ago
Not once. Ever. That?s the source of your anger.
Mezirn 5 months ago
ITs not his argument, its yours.
Gardajar 5 months ago
The destruction of western culture!
Mutaur 5 months ago
Just watch what pops in there first??
Kigat 4 months ago
A Deist god is no guarantee of an afterlife]
Vudolrajas 4 months ago
great football player, but not a Constitutional law expert.
Sarg 4 months ago
Corporations aren't subject to 1A...
Kekree 4 months ago
You're the spy, not me. I don't go there.
Kigatilar 4 months ago
Nor did he beat him in an election.
Goltim 4 months ago
answer my question ole son.
Kajitaur 3 months ago
"Free speech" doesn't apply to private companies.
Kitaxe 3 months ago
That is a win!
Meztile 3 months ago
Don't worry about it: it's all nonsense
Moogull 3 months ago
The beautiful music teacher!!
Shaktirg 3 months ago
- What bloodline was Abraham & Sarah's dad?

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