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You seem pretty close to your dad. Do you tend to have mom-daughter chats? Girl 1 and I do, although I do have to say that Girl 2 is a lot less talkative.

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Brashicage 11 months ago
Many ladies have been :)
Mukora 11 months ago
It's not semantics, it's the degree of persecution.
Grogrel 11 months ago
Right to work for less...
Mezim 11 months ago
Ugh. Go away, spammer.
Nelmaran 10 months ago
Buck a beer swill for the rubes.
Nikosida 10 months ago
And they still hang around...
Kagarr 10 months ago
Me too, or ship them back.
Shakasho 10 months ago
Awe that is wonderful.
Kanris 10 months ago
Two walls and fvck Romans.
JoJozragore 10 months ago
Do you make fun of your wife that way?
Fausida 9 months ago
You are a getter who gets it.
Tygodal 9 months ago
I want to know how you would know :
Goltisar 9 months ago
Do you need your job?
Gardamuro 9 months ago
Sure right after you disprove it.
Akinorr 9 months ago
Please watch this from the current time
Kazrarr 9 months ago
I smiled! Promise! My parents made me!
Negar 8 months ago
Post on topic or DO NOT POST
Shakagul 8 months ago
observation is a form of evidence,
Dugal 8 months ago
I will sue people, and have.
Samushicage 8 months ago
Meet me at the tavern, high noon that is...
Yozshulabar 8 months ago
Yes she does she's a favorite of mine
Yojinn 8 months ago
"Morals come from God," you say.
Mikagul 8 months ago
So it's larger than Russia?
Vukree 7 months ago
This. I think you forgot to recharge your ring.
Mekree 7 months ago
Repairing damage, never looks pretty.
Tautaur 7 months ago
Thanks, I am pretty sane. lol
Zologami 7 months ago
He had a reputation as a scoundrel and con-man.
Kibei 7 months ago
I prayed to be free from drug addiction.

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