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30 13:0210 months ago

They may be below the Mason-Dixon line, but at least they didn't attempt to succeed from the Union (of course that could be because the federal government arrested Maryland state delegates who were prepared to vote for succession...)

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Kagar 10 months ago
Ya i know, i even heard they have
Netaur 10 months ago
I say he?s all of that!
Gutaur 9 months ago
Ain't that a shame -----remember that song ???? lol
Nikora 9 months ago
All excellent questions. All worthy of answers.
Guzuru 9 months ago
Political satire has been around as long as politics.
Gardalar 9 months ago
Except they ignore others doing that.
Tenris 9 months ago
Democrat leadership on display for all to see.
Vigor 8 months ago
Shut up and self deport to Laos. :P
Meztilar 8 months ago
Mod comment: Stop with the name calling
Tuzilkree 8 months ago
Ahh... the DMV, great people watching though.
Damuro 8 months ago
I lack a belief in wkrfkahdgioei
JoJorr 8 months ago
...and this is supposed to help ratings?
Shadal 8 months ago
What goalposts were moved?
Mezilkis 7 months ago
You denigrate people just like Trump does.
Faetilar 7 months ago
pick this fight at your peril. Godspeed.
Faeshicage 7 months ago
Catholics don't deserve it.
Mozshura 7 months ago
made of what and where ?
Kazizshura 7 months ago
Well you can go buy some! :D
Akigal 7 months ago
He had nothing to to with it.
Mikakinos 6 months ago
Ya didn't answer the question young lady.
Dudal 6 months ago
Your talking about religion right here.
Shaktimi 6 months ago
I dig the tie man. Two thumbs up.
Faejas 6 months ago
Why do you said so

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