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I found Louise Hay a great foundation. She even matured in her approach

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Kigal 10 months ago
I yawn in your general direction!
Yotaur 10 months ago
Great comment. sucks when you are stumped doesn't it.
Kazisho 10 months ago
Judaism actually included neither, crazy steve, since Judaism
Mikalabar 10 months ago
Another religious droid posting opinion as fact.
Shakora 9 months ago
Don"t forget the socks.
Gobei 9 months ago
Yeah not take hard work
Malarn 9 months ago
That's because she is one of those people!
Mazubar 9 months ago
I don?t need fame. But I can be bought.
Tojakree 9 months ago
Corporations didn't fight in the revolutionary war...
Yoramar 9 months ago
Cheerleader outfits are always sexy
Mazragore 9 months ago
Pastoral work is a labor of love.
Marn 8 months ago
Why so early?? ??
Keran 8 months ago
No need. I'm out. Later.
Balkree 8 months ago
The same as it means for any other Chaplain.
Fauktilar 8 months ago
I have no flipping idea.
Zulkigal 8 months ago
Lol! Nooooo....I felt bad laughing then and now! ????????
Shagul 7 months ago
That would be pretty cool.
Migul 7 months ago
Can somebody post the cliff notes?
Bat 7 months ago
It is sad indeed

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