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881 11:358 months ago

Hitler and Stalin and Mao had their idea of what was right. Also Pol Pot, Che Guevara, Ho Chi Minh, Idi Amin.

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Fenrizragore 8 months ago
Hmmm that sounds wonderful.
Akikus 8 months ago
How far back were you hoping to go?
Gardat 7 months ago
I wouldn't. Not by a long way.
Bradal 7 months ago
Has that been going well? Haha
Moogum 7 months ago
Aha. Yup, yep. Absolutely.
Tausida 7 months ago
Wow. May God continue to bless your union
Tekazahn 7 months ago
None committed a crime?
Vujinn 7 months ago
The new creation in Christ, yes.
Nara 6 months ago
So these were Jewish cults in the first century?
Zoloramar 6 months ago
Weasels pants will stay dry.
Shakalar 6 months ago
Jihad, crusade, whats the difference?
Zugis 6 months ago
my dream car has a 6.6 litre v8 !
Arashikasa 6 months ago
Wilful ignorance is never overcome with facts....
Gut 6 months ago
To each their own...I like drinking more than gaming
Vurr 6 months ago
I?m afraid you are nuts.
Zulkisar 5 months ago
To quote the linked article
Kar 5 months ago
Well, if you have to ask .....
Kajitaur 5 months ago
Just ask to be banned.
Shaktijar 5 months ago
Hopefully he sees this comment and reaches out :)
Maukasa 5 months ago
Tax funds going back to Mexico and South America.
Goshura 5 months ago
I also appreciate that Jefferson is ?conservative economically?
Vusho 4 months ago
And that's the Gospel, too!. Regards.
Talmaran 4 months ago
Mud wrestling for Jesus and the Fishy Loaves?
Kagagal 4 months ago
That's cool man, Happy Birthday in advance
Voodoojas 4 months ago
It is natural for liberals to hate their kind.
Moshura 4 months ago
I'm sure you believe that

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