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831 05:358 months ago

But you ARE. Satan has whispered in your ear there is no God like he whispered in the ear of the couple in Acts 5:3,4.

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Vigami 8 months ago
Pour acid on their genitalia first.
Bajar 8 months ago
I look at it this way: There were no
Kanris 7 months ago
I don't like violence. However the punishment is fitting.
Samusho 7 months ago
I'm good! Congrat's on becoming the #1 commenter!
Shanris 7 months ago
It is anti-Christianity. No question.
Tygocage 7 months ago
Which cabinet secretary ends up in irons first?
Voodooramar 7 months ago
Bibles were in use before 1611.
Dom 7 months ago
Only big enough to tip your prehistoric car.
Zulujind 6 months ago
one is the evolved version of the other ;)
Negal 6 months ago
You have my sympathy.
Zulkikasa 6 months ago
Social and cultural differences are always contemporary.
Voodoogore 5 months ago
Nothing personal, but are you logically deficient?
Faeshura 5 months ago
Welcome to have your feelings and POV.
Sakinos 5 months ago
People need to be responsible for their own selves.
Fenrijinn 5 months ago
Okay let me break something down for you.
Gabar 4 months ago
Old fashioned I want the hat please.
Fenrira 4 months ago
Brilliant! Best theory yet. :)
Zukora 4 months ago
If you won't, why should I?
Akirisar 4 months ago
Fit gym girl yes please
Taujas 4 months ago
Why? It evolved. That's an answer.
Kataxe 3 months ago
Is that all you can do in response?
Golmaran 3 months ago
Well, he's pizzing it away.
Dogul 3 months ago
Thigh high for sure.
Shaktikazahn 3 months ago
knowing God.Good if you know God .thats great.

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