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I am PERSONALLY very uneasy with the use of abortion, but a) I am male and will likely never have to have one, and b) sterile, so I will never cause one, and c) loathe to impose my personal prejudices on others. Regardless of my personal feelings about abortion, the availability of the option is crucial.

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Guzuru 8 months ago
No evidence the prayers helped.
Nerisar 8 months ago
Where are all the Libs now??? Lol
Kalkree 8 months ago
Insults are the last resort of the uninformed.
Shakagrel 8 months ago
Trump is working on that.
Vutaxe 8 months ago
Little killary,just learn you lost!!
Mom 8 months ago
First Republican Admin I lived under was Reagan.
Moogugul 7 months ago
What a hair brained idea.

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