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358 10:098 months ago

We'll have to agree to disagree on the cake situation. It seemed to be a clear case of discrimination, i.e. refusing to serve those based on a protected trait, which sets a nasty precedent.

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Mazragore 8 months ago
Little silly but its about time.
Kigami 8 months ago
Bill is a hot potato.
Gukasa 8 months ago
Woodward is still a douchebag
Kazrarr 8 months ago
Trump is the Pied Piper of idiots.
Kiganos 7 months ago
Called reality Okay, so in reality, it isn't.
Yobei 7 months ago
i dont think this will be possble
Dugami 7 months ago
He believed he was being treated unfairly.
Shakalmaran 7 months ago
Some believe that monogamy is not natural.
Dugal 7 months ago
Back at ya, bro.
Fautaxe 7 months ago
I am not 100 sure of anything.
Kazrashakar 7 months ago
where did you catch that ?
JoJolar 6 months ago
Don't worry, her personality is worse
Ferg 6 months ago
3 less gutter rats
Barr 6 months ago
*shrugs* Too much drama for me. LOLOL!!!
Nibar 6 months ago
Sure, I agree. Now get off that public road.
Grojin 6 months ago
Meaning it's complete gibberish.

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