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938 14:0211 months ago

Holy crap, you cut and pasted it as well! I just put it up myself, but I''ll pull mine down.

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Brara 11 months ago
jeez wowza, thats gotta hurt....
Brarg 10 months ago
Haha.. we got each other.
Tygohn 10 months ago
Been hearing that for 2,000+ years
Gumuro 10 months ago
Only if it needed it.
Kagasho 10 months ago
My justification is what the text actually says.
Zoloran 9 months ago
How about Extreme Poverty? IS the world Darker?
Nikor 9 months ago
No, you are confusing *ownership* with *operation*.
Voodooshura 9 months ago
Math is a DOING
Sam 9 months ago
Awk, never date too close tbh
Grosar 9 months ago
Hardly rained in my hood.
Yozshuktilar 9 months ago
Christian nations invaded much of the Americas and Africa.
Menris 9 months ago
you could learn a new skill too... juggling.
Moogura 8 months ago
That's a shame, it's 1995 all over again
Vudozuru 8 months ago
I asked you questions.
Jular 8 months ago
I love a woman in stockings
Gulabar 8 months ago
Yes. But it doesn't /need to.

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