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818 06:559 months ago

Unlike you, I actually read this particular source (that you gave).

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Mujind 9 months ago
It's the definition of a
Tojabar 9 months ago
Good morning, have a nice day
Akinoktilar 9 months ago
Don't have to, the 12,000,000 are with Him.
Duzragore 9 months ago
I thought you were leaving
Majin 8 months ago
Relationships are what provide us a fulfilled life.
Bralabar 8 months ago
All hail Darth Trump!
Kezil 8 months ago
You get your facts from Big Brother.
Mausar 8 months ago
Great question.I do not know
Arahn 8 months ago
Right, that got real creepy real fast.
Tukora 7 months ago
well, that isn't overly hysterical or anything.
Akirn 7 months ago
hahahahaha your reply always same
Kazrasar 7 months ago
Sorry, but your post makes no sense at all.
Tojasho 7 months ago
Don't most people consider that yelling?
Tacage 6 months ago
just tell me we have more female voters, please.
Zulunris 6 months ago
Why are you looking forward to that?
Grolmaran 6 months ago
Cool story, bro ??
Malasho 6 months ago
I wanna give all of them a group hug
Zolojinn 6 months ago
Why are you acting out like this?
Meztile 6 months ago
Awwww, imma save you during my break then lol

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