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Your op is about gradualism. Macro is cumulative changes overtime, which supposedly happens by some darwinian means. I posted the fact its about to get ugly as that modern synthesis is going to have to be pried away.while the new synthesis is squeezed in. Why? Because genetics is finding variation didn't come about that old tired way. All the things I listed are in that new synthesis. bud, its not unrelated at all. They had a conference in Altenburg recently to try and discuss how it could possible be added and maintain things. But how do you do that when TEs and hgt is supplying all the variation?

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Akinojind 9 months ago
Maybe if they tried LSD.
Sakus 8 months ago
Haha those are all so random :)
Meztik 8 months ago
it does exist in its purest form
Nikoran 8 months ago
Then He must be really angry with you.
Dar 8 months ago
True, but I couldn't have done it without him.
Kazikinos 8 months ago
Romans 1:26-28 King James Version (KJV)
Arataxe 7 months ago
You are simply reenforcing my point by stating -
Zulujinn 7 months ago
Listen. Sometimes ya gotta slap a bitch...
Goltigami 7 months ago
And that ain't very much!
Goltishicage 7 months ago
So how does that jibe with being an atheist?
Fenrinris 7 months ago
People are always crazier
Nikozahn 6 months ago
for the purposes of this discussion..sure...with that caveat
Faugami 6 months ago
Then your comment makes no sense.
Duramar 6 months ago
Interesting concepts and attempts at hashing it out.
Kesar 6 months ago
"Democrats" like Reagan, Bush and Bush...
Shar 6 months ago
Yet they're okay with Kevin Spacey.
Zulkinris 6 months ago
"Prove all things." -1 Thessalonians 5:21
Arashihn 6 months ago
but I didn't pay anything!
Kagakree 6 months ago
hahaha.. we can talk about that later.????
Gardalkree 5 months ago
Because there isn?t any confusion
Dujin 5 months ago
I like your avatar with the two Jokers

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