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Lot was drunk when he had sex with his daughters. Alcohol is an excuse.

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Gushakar 8 months ago
Exactly, that's what I thought.
Moogule 8 months ago
I?m here for you.. say the word Shay.
Arami 8 months ago
Religion is mankind's attempt to define the divine.
Totaur 8 months ago
Funded by George Soros, as is BLM.
Taudal 8 months ago
They?re not journalists, they?re far-left performance artists.
Tejin 7 months ago
Its good to know your take on this subject.
Nagis 7 months ago
How were you born? What is your orientation history?
Mazushicage 7 months ago
Don't believe everything you read, Vic.
Kigataur 7 months ago
What if the man is his woman? ??????
Grokinos 7 months ago
Interesting one from South Carolina:
Nejin 7 months ago
Won't happen as long as they have the guns.
Yorg 6 months ago
Also, very nice legs.
Vosar 6 months ago
So you worship yourself?
Samull 6 months ago
One would hope that is the case.
Akizahn 6 months ago
What makes your view any better than {opposing views)?
Tajora 6 months ago
LOL...I still made a sound bet.
Mom 6 months ago
NNU must be destroyed.
Yoktilar 6 months ago
And $0.62 USD in 2018 Ontario dollars is...

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