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397 07:118 months ago

well I guess I could just cut and paste my last post like a parrot as well, and add nothing to the discussion... but simply posting the same thing again as one posted before is childish.

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Mukinos 8 months ago
It has been enforced in court decisions:
Goltigul 8 months ago
Thank you. I have found a more current pic.
Kajijind 8 months ago
Actually, I'm basing it on shootings.
Gagore 8 months ago
"You only had ONE job..."
Daikazahn 8 months ago
I'll have the blue plate special please...
Meztilkree 7 months ago
Killing human life is the topic.
Kazrara 7 months ago
What evidence did you present?
JoJolmaran 7 months ago
Go back and check now.....
Faur 7 months ago
Apple? Who uses apple?
Maujin 6 months ago
Im in love again, seventh time today!!!
Dashakar 6 months ago
I will wait for this game...
Misida 6 months ago
Until the price of oil increases, you're correct.
Kajizahn 6 months ago
I kind of prefer
Kajikasa 6 months ago
Most westerners don't need to know the why.
Nern 5 months ago
Awh shucks thank you dear Lacey
Tauzil 5 months ago
In other words you have no reply.
Kazragami 5 months ago
OK. That is certainly true of them.
Kazratilar 5 months ago
If your writting this tham ypur not dead.
Bajin 5 months ago
This stupid problem deserves this level of response:
Akikora 5 months ago
Dang!! I remember you! lol
Kajidal 4 months ago
The consideration is okay
Nikoshakar 4 months ago
Follow the yellow (gold) brick road.
Doushakar 4 months ago
Vijinn 4 months ago
I never said he did.
Meztishakar 4 months ago
And my bed is sexy too.
Mule 4 months ago
I have a feeling that it's coming very soon.

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