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214 12:558 months ago

You said that people in general feel disgusted by "the intercourse in ass", I said that straight couples engage in anal as well.

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Zulkigore 8 months ago
God is not for sale. Faith is free.
Akishakar 8 months ago
You?re most welcome. ??
Gardalkree 7 months ago
Pretty straightforward, the way you put it.
Duzshura 7 months ago
What!? so still baseless got it.
Malakazahn 7 months ago
You have never read a book about microbiology.
Faezshura 7 months ago
We got smartphones and Facebook
Aragis 7 months ago
whilst vacuuming their wallets.
Vudomuro 7 months ago
Your perception may not be reality.
Vugar 6 months ago
Impeach? Trump would still be president morons
Samuzilkree 6 months ago
That depends on which gospel you read.
Mezizahn 6 months ago
Perhaps you should go to Angels game or Ducks
Grokasa 6 months ago
You aren't much for nuance...
Kegal 5 months ago
Only folks who truly
Fejar 5 months ago
ideas why islam have been weak period of colonialism.
Goshura 5 months ago
If God knows what you are about to
Zunos 5 months ago
Science has all the relevant information you require.
Juhn 5 months ago
Thank you for your comments duly noted.
Mibar 5 months ago
Gotta have something to attack.

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