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783 06:056 months ago

Hey, I said why I made the analogy, not that it was good!

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Shazilkree 6 months ago
Oh is Saturday your birthday too.
Shakahn 6 months ago
Certain people are Illegals duh!
Dishakar 6 months ago
Says the woman with a serious mental disorder.
Kazrarg 5 months ago
What about church parking lots ? ...
Mura 5 months ago
"Publicly traded?!!" Do you actually understand the issue, Misha?
Yozshubar 5 months ago
Hope everything is ok with M&M
Faugor 5 months ago
Would you rather never wake up?
Zulushakar 5 months ago
LMAO! Me too! His wife would sure be surprised!
Kalkree 4 months ago
Mueller is going to indict 288 Australian Aborigines.
Shaktitaxe 4 months ago
No I like this.
Ner 4 months ago
My stomach at 11:59!
Kagazahn 4 months ago
Akron, Ohio, where he's from friend.
Nelkis 3 months ago
In that, my friend, I concur, wholeheartedly.
Basida 3 months ago
????, We won't be missing much..
Midal 3 months ago
The OP made a claim that can't be supported.
Kazizuru 3 months ago
I dont take any notice of people like that.
Dujinn 2 months ago
Thank you for clarifying.
Tauran 2 months ago
How is that saying something nice about Trump?
Grole 2 months ago
Agreed the thermostat is all the way up.
Aranris 2 months ago
lol WT is far right? Since when?
Mikak 2 months ago
I?m against any banning of speech.
Yozshugul 2 months ago
anything to get rid of that skunk!
Shaktinos 1 month ago
What does the term bigot mean to you?
Bramuro 1 month ago
This is a neat thread isn't it.
Zulubar 1 month ago
Look around. Plenty of them in here!
Nak 1 month ago
Hahahaha yea its embarrassing ??
Daktilar 1 month ago
False dichotomy. Which is it in whom?
Tulmaran 3 weeks ago
Lmao Yaboo, geez Buddy!????????
Mikora 2 weeks ago
Are you sure about whether you experience consciousness?
Mikagar 2 weeks ago
That's what I'm afraid of, too.

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