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And yet, weirdly, it specified that he created MAN in his image. Not MAN AND WOMAN.

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Basida 7 months ago
Simple mistake. It's CRANK that you eat. Dummy.
Samujin 7 months ago
Yeah .. your beautiful voice make me feel better
Zolonos 7 months ago
Perhaps. Actually, a little vodka is better.
Gucage 7 months ago
They seem to have no problem finding a keyboard.
Balabar 7 months ago
They have a ?secret? ingredient. Hintidy hint hint hint
Voodoogar 6 months ago
Which contradicts what you said previously.
Mabei 6 months ago
Your Old Testament god silly child.
Shakalkree 6 months ago
They look pretty proud of themselves.
Kajit 6 months ago
If living doesn?t change your mind, death will.
Tejar 5 months ago
You're fine. I probably landed a few minutes early.
Nara 5 months ago
You're Far-Left aren't you?
Fele 5 months ago
I'm straight and I didn't choose it either.
Doukus 5 months ago
I know right? Here is their modus operandi:
Kazrajinn 5 months ago
Sucks to hear about the Chihuahuas.
Kitilar 5 months ago
Is it matter what I think ?
Sashakar 5 months ago
The WEATHER is changing and NOT the CLIMATE.
Galar 4 months ago
Here is your inspiration.
Mabar 4 months ago
I concor to this
Tele 4 months ago
One of my top 5

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