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648 10:328 months ago

1/2 of my family migrated from Sweden in the mid 19th century,....MN Vikings are my ALL-time FAV *** NFL football team,so tell me much ore about Norse God's of the pre historic era, OK old FOP & fluff bunny for Trump ... !!!

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Gardasar 8 months ago
And where did daddy and mommy come from?
Zulugar 8 months ago
Everything you said is a lie
Ditilar 8 months ago
Hmm care to provide the proof of two?
Kenos 8 months ago
Agree completely and well said!
Yokus 7 months ago
But, but, but. ... racism!!!!!.....bigotry.......Islamopgobia!!!!!!
Mauran 7 months ago
Not once. Ever. That?s the source of your anger.
Guzilkree 7 months ago
Tell me about it
Akinolkree 7 months ago
You sir crack me uppppppp
Moogukree 7 months ago
Ex-Spurts: absolutely ignorant drips under pressure.
Tygocage 7 months ago
Me neither, I'm just talking to people
Nikorn 7 months ago
Lol.. just want to see your more pics..
Arashikree 7 months ago
I have not presented any credentials. Correct.
Kizragore 6 months ago
liebral brains are sub standard
Kagabar 6 months ago
Welcome to the community Frank, enjoy!!
Vujar 6 months ago
She should be knowing that, right?
Akinorisar 6 months ago
Like I said. They are ineffectual.
Nibar 6 months ago
Can we call other posters "mustard"?
Sashicage 5 months ago
Now you do too.
Meztik 5 months ago
Hands up don't shoot.
Arashidal 5 months ago
Brainwashing is strong with religious types.
Taugul 5 months ago
Yes. You ARE correct.
Tunos 5 months ago
satan. Does that make you happy?
Tygojind 5 months ago
Which trailer park do you attend?
Mojar 4 months ago
He works on a boat...
Molkree 4 months ago
Muslims will hate you :D
Vokora 4 months ago
Do you have three names for me
Taurr 4 months ago
I didn't write that.
Nejar 3 months ago
I'm happy to look at your
Kigashakar 3 months ago
Are you not talking to me today??? =/
Fetaxe 3 months ago
God holds all life in his hands Not anymore.

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