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760 09:1410 months ago

The major focus of the Christianity I've been associated with has been Jesus Christ. Sex is the major focus of leftist politics, so you may be confusing those two. Trans-sexual, bi-sexual, abortion, gay marriage, LGTBXYZ and Russian collusion. That's the left in America these days.

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Virr 10 months ago
So I can have this:
Akishicage 9 months ago
LOL. I'm a Baptist.
Sakus 9 months ago
I miss the bats.
Doushakar 9 months ago
1. How do you know all these attractions exist?
Mezijas 9 months ago
Rape isn't a union. Rape is sex.
Nikogal 9 months ago
hahaha .. really ??
Zulkigor 8 months ago
Meh. I care not for your triggeredness.
Mauzil 8 months ago
Refute what I posted moron.
Douzil 8 months ago
Yes. I liked your image.
Dougar 8 months ago
He should start with mueller and rosenstein
Kajijinn 8 months ago
I like them too Lacey. High five!
Takasa 8 months ago
I hope I have an aneurism.
Nigul 7 months ago
Never stated or implied anything of the sort.
Zulkigrel 7 months ago
No.. bcoz it's morning here lol
Kazir 7 months ago
Your answer is a brilliant one
Sall 7 months ago
let me make this clear, ok?
Dulrajas 7 months ago
Santayana was a virulent antisemite.
Takree 6 months ago
I have opened cat food with a mechanical pencil.
Arakree 6 months ago
I refer to Brahman- physical forms are optional. ?
Shakinos 6 months ago
Hola Jenn. Como estas?
Malazil 6 months ago
Where did I say it was a blessing?
Talkree 6 months ago
Slexie, I agree !! LOL
Nigrel 6 months ago
quote: "Got you hate that you lie "

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