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If you were raped, would you want to go home with the rapist after your abortion?

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Kirisar 10 months ago
Well presented and truthful representation of a complex history.
Sajind 10 months ago
Would it escape detection if it was cold?
Arataur 10 months ago
Considering that you just blew my aka,.......
Mikakazahn 10 months ago
didnt have much choice did they ;)
Tetilar 9 months ago
Yes, the total population in Bellevue Hospital.
Nagis 9 months ago
Lord Jesus God.
Niktilar 9 months ago
"just keep your Antifa freaks away from me"
Shaktilrajas 9 months ago
I loved that sketch.
Vurr 9 months ago
now that is a shout out -right there.
Shakakinos 9 months ago
His staff did a great job.
Negal 8 months ago
Of course it is. There is no downside.
Zull 8 months ago
I feel a 'no true Scotsman fallacy coming on.
Yozshum 8 months ago
No, your quotes are:
JoJorisar 8 months ago
Simple. Humans are humans, not animals.
Mile 8 months ago
My people? Who are they?
Malagore 8 months ago
You are always welcome, Mohib Khan!
Julmaran 7 months ago
watching it now ... you should know better ??
Vicage 7 months ago
Copy and pasted, my dear.
Shaktijora 7 months ago
I want to, and do.

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