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450 07:287 months ago

I will when I have time. I have had some very big changes just happen lately and I found time to be here but I would not normally have it to do

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Mukazahn 7 months ago
I use ranch to dip carrot sticks.
Fejin 7 months ago
He is quantity over quality.
Mikagar 7 months ago
Yup, sure helped Hillary out in many ways....
Gale 7 months ago
Never said that.nice straw man.
Mile 6 months ago
GL posted them, remember??
Jutilar 6 months ago
It starts like this:
Faegami 6 months ago
She was crazy. You dodged a bullet.
Zulull 6 months ago
AGAIN - which poor people.
Mujar 6 months ago
Increase your understanding of language and words Cay.
Yozuru 5 months ago
he is a stable genius.
Mooguk 5 months ago
Justice should be done to the people of America
Vudocage 5 months ago
Charming, outgoing, outspoken and beautiful of course
Akilkree 5 months ago
Look up the word ?racism.?
Ninos 4 months ago
you can get superstitions, the primitive version of religion
Grobar 4 months ago
I can make do voices and sound effects
Vudozahn 4 months ago
Remember, to be objective is to be racist.
Nikosida 4 months ago
Rod Finklestein 3 hours ago
Guramar 3 months ago
I am taking notes, carry on please.
Nijar 3 months ago
Wow Korus, are you really that dense?
Samushura 3 months ago
Must such creatures only be validated through fantastical methods?
Mimi 3 months ago
Surprise, you've got gonorrhea.
Arashigami 3 months ago
I said He can Everywhere. Every day.
Mazumi 3 months ago
thank you. they look similar.
Kigakree 3 months ago
Awwww you done gone and made me blush!
Dagul 2 months ago
Yep. What He does elsewhere are Big Things.
Taugami 2 months ago
Christ is my Church.
Mautaxe 2 months ago
It has endured for 2,000 years.

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