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Uh whatever your name is, for real, I get your point, but it's a fact, he's current President, hurts me too brother, but it is what it is, I'm not going to enter a stupid debate with Ya over phrasing this Friday, be fucking real, I'll talk about serious stuff, not dumb shit though.

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Dujas 9 months ago
Maybe she opened her legs so slightly..
Yozshudal 8 months ago
You refer to the national government.
Mishicage 8 months ago
Murders have been committed by men.
Nikolkree 8 months ago
The Bully is Christianity.
Fejar 8 months ago
It's on the internet.
Vidal 8 months ago
Minutemen, "The Next Generation"......
Magis 8 months ago
Cars get hot wins
Zushura 8 months ago
we need to work to stop it
Akinonos 7 months ago
Bish got me in a weak position
Tocage 7 months ago
Just talk to Him.
Fedal 7 months ago
She didn't spy. She investigated her opponent.
Mazurr 6 months ago
Wow, how did you get so good at this?!
JoJozilkree 6 months ago
No they don't, do they? LOL!
Kigajin 6 months ago
So what that I referenced the news
Gagore 6 months ago
Everybody dies sooner or later.
Mazukus 5 months ago
Yes yes I need a hint
Samukree 5 months ago
God is not for sale. Faith is free.
Kemi 5 months ago
Rigorous and what you propose are contradictory.
Nezil 5 months ago
It's a good thing libtards can't meme.
Faull 5 months ago
Gun control, sure does work great.
Zologore 5 months ago
Bull! It deters repeated crimes.

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