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504 03:019 months ago

they are there to bake and sell cakes, not give approval to the couple who is marrying. no one goes to a bakery or florist to seek consent to marry.if bakers can?t do that, they shouldn?t be in a public business.

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Douk 9 months ago
A couple of corrections.
Yozshugis 9 months ago
Tory/Trudeau both just a waste of time and space!
Shakakazahn 9 months ago
That's all that matters
Taugar 9 months ago
Wow you?re like a unicorn.
Sharn 8 months ago
More than enough for the wall.
Yozuru 8 months ago
It's all good, thank you too sir
Najora 8 months ago
What, China doesn't have chickens?
Mazum 8 months ago
Where do cockroaches come from then?
Tujora 8 months ago
then that is not belief. It is knowledge.
Gakinos 8 months ago
Trump as ruthless as he is
Faer 7 months ago
Well then, that makes god an enemy of mine.
Kagar 7 months ago
So is liver, beef, pork, buffalo or human.
Fenrimuro 7 months ago
You label everything fantasy.
Malasho 7 months ago
"He could have done better but chose not too"
Meztilar 7 months ago
Nah exams etc etc etc etc wink wink????
Taukora 7 months ago
There are billions of people on this earth!
Dugul 7 months ago
Do you think I watched too much Jeopardy?
Kecage 6 months ago
Hmm someone stole my wife then .-.
Zugrel 6 months ago
ya sure illogical BS will never fly.
Voodooshura 6 months ago
U guys went to the same university?? ????????
Shakazil 6 months ago
What campaign law did he violate?
Fauramar 5 months ago
I believe the Jehovah God
Tygosho 5 months ago
hard to get the truth out of performers.
Faell 5 months ago
I already explained it to you.
Faeran 5 months ago
Care to list any?
Dagal 5 months ago
?? Not on your life.
Akikus 5 months ago
Haha :D *howls with James* xD

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