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No it doesn?t include whatever you or anyone wants, which includes especially violating the law. This judge is to approve a name change unless it is to defraud. He doesn?t have a right to put his opinion above the law.

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Mirr 9 months ago
How do you mean?
Mokora 9 months ago
People's bodies "reject" chemotherapy. Does that denote wrongness?
Zulule 9 months ago
Ha! I guess that means you worship Satan.
Voodoohn 8 months ago
I'm serious, I laughed out loud to that!
Kagashura 8 months ago
"So there are more guns
Akigore 8 months ago
Here you go Luv
Voodoohn 8 months ago
Math can prove gravity.
Vogami 7 months ago
You're straining at gnats; there's no real contradictions, here.
Dojar 7 months ago
Awww...Hi there Mexican? Potato??
Dazahn 7 months ago
I think so, don't you?
Kazibei 7 months ago
LOLOL!!!! At least you're honest about it...
Kagakazahn 7 months ago
And you can claim to be free of prejudices?
Taugore 7 months ago
That's the one ????????
Akicage 7 months ago
Please, everyone knows the female orgasm is a myth
Daikazahn 7 months ago
The fuck? When did I do that?
Manris 6 months ago
It's good to learn from the past.
Vulmaran 6 months ago
Lincoln was a liberal.
Taujas 6 months ago
Got that much, but your comment is still incoherent.
Mugore 6 months ago
I wonder how they do quality control???
Nikojas 6 months ago
Hands off bub,I saw them
Shaktizil 6 months ago
You are missing the point.
Batilar 5 months ago
What? Looks to be the case.
Yozshukora 5 months ago
A person or their child.

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