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388 05:039 months ago

"They" want the stand your ground law gone. If they get that...they'll get it all..if they get that..we are screwed.

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Arataur 8 months ago
Always....???? You?re too cool not to luv!
Gajas 8 months ago
And Paul Bogle you're still an idiot.
Kezshura 8 months ago
Hey Dittodog how's your day so far
Tojas 8 months ago
Amazing picture and so clever!!
Mikabei 8 months ago
She'd probably enjoy it.
Kajikasa 8 months ago
Awesome read, thanks for posting.
Nakasa 8 months ago
There are limits though. LOL!
Faukus 7 months ago
You are absolutely right.
Vular 7 months ago
Care to support the crap you are saying?
Nigul 7 months ago
You just said it is not right ever.
Tazahn 7 months ago
Yeah, I'm all golden brown.
Arashigor 7 months ago
nothing like getting hands on training.
Shaktilar 7 months ago
Except that none of them do.
Faetaxe 6 months ago
I think this may be caused by emotional sickness
Bam 6 months ago
There is my beautiful Hockey lucky charm!!

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