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I'm not surprised. They're cut from the same crappy lineage of Spaniard, British, German, and Portuguese scum that most Mesoamerican descendents are today - and nearly all of them display full hatred of blacks, both in their countries and in the U.S. They even use a term called "Mayate" to refer to blacks which is the equivalent of N*gger in English.

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Yozshushakar 9 months ago
I'm straight and I didn't choose it either.
Kerg 9 months ago
Artificial, as opposed to Actual Intelligence?
Vozahn 9 months ago
From primordial soup to mud:
Shakazshura 9 months ago
Religion: the only philosophy that glorifies ignorance.
Mushicage 9 months ago
When did I blamed my wrongdoings on God?
Aralabar 8 months ago
So, you are okay with some kinds of discrimination?
Mazurisar 8 months ago
Sorry, it was a typo:
Mazudal 8 months ago
That could apply to nearly all the people here.
Mijas 8 months ago
sorry my voice is not good like singers ....LOl
Tebei 8 months ago
Wilkos with a too small cardigan?
Dabar 8 months ago
According to the definitions I provided.
Gardatilar 8 months ago
breathe in the gathering glue.
Maunris 7 months ago
That's good. Salty old codgers aren't that frequent anymore.
Gakora 7 months ago
Sure it does and it?s pointless and accomplishesnothing.
Bataur 7 months ago
Still waiting in your link thanks in advance xxxxxx
Zuk 7 months ago
You have to get the hat!
Dajind 7 months ago
OK. Is there anything else?
Mumuro 6 months ago
1. Have heaven and earth passed away?
Mezitilar 6 months ago
Well played my friend.
Kanris 6 months ago
Mod comment: The name calling is not allowed here
Voodoosida 6 months ago
Again. No cut and pastes. Just talk.
Shakashakar 5 months ago
Nope, I just love women!
Meztijinn 5 months ago
well - I have big feet

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