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645 06:247 months ago

Being a Christian, yup, that's true but not the way I think you mean IF you arrogate yourself in thinking you know. We don't 'forgive them Father, they know not what they do.'

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Akinogrel 7 months ago
You understand my point perfectly, Chakra...
Gokree 7 months ago
What they get paid is irrelevant.
Daisar 7 months ago
Lopez is typing pure hogwash
Jukree 7 months ago
Forensically it looks like places were cut and glued??
Zukree 7 months ago
I?m a grammar [email protected] I confess.
Danos 7 months ago
That was a trap.
Akinokus 6 months ago
closest is good enough? like horseshoes?
Vohn 6 months ago
Depends on the religion, probably.
Gall 6 months ago
I was just being a dipsh!t, :)
Akimi 6 months ago
I never opened myself this way
Moogudal 6 months ago
Thanks! I'll add them to my list.
Murn 5 months ago
with concrete flotation vests.
Fenrizragore 5 months ago
Hahahaha ???? ima sneaky texter! ??
Kazira 5 months ago
Gig --- Moon Child.
Nejar 5 months ago
I'll take Doors #2, 3 & 4, please.
Shaktisar 5 months ago
You have lost me.
Faetilar 5 months ago
unless they are fanatical SNOWFLAKES, just sayin' ;)
Akinozuru 4 months ago
It's ok.. I enjoy talking with you..

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