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674 06:3910 months ago

Watch him long enough, he does not read his own links. I recall he linked one about mitochondrial eve once, because it had a number that on a glance looked like 7'000 years ago, but really it was saying that was simply not possible. Yet it had a number he needed so it proved ever was around when he needed it.

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Dilkree 10 months ago
Laughing my wits off!
Mazur 10 months ago
Get a load of this...
Nikokus 10 months ago
am i even half as good as [email protected]??
Samulabar 10 months ago
No you are more handsome than him????
Kejin 10 months ago
Use a VPN or Tunnel Bear.
Bratilar 9 months ago
Still waiting for that proof...
Nerg 9 months ago
Correction, more ILLEGAL guns
Kakinos 9 months ago
Ok. Your declaration is invalid. Better?
Dole 9 months ago
The big question is would BTC hit it?
Mazugul 8 months ago
People Under the Stairs
Mora 8 months ago
You mean like your claim that atheism destroyed planets?
Tugul 8 months ago
Do you agree with this?
Faudal 8 months ago
But never take it or yourself too seriously.
Vudoshura 8 months ago
Damnnnnn you don?t play around
Dojind 8 months ago
Hi James, looks good,thanks
Kazrami 8 months ago
Sowell is truly a man of keen perception.
Faezragore 8 months ago
So it's just Dominik that rejects surrogacy? Nuts.
Maura 7 months ago
Infusing Islamic fanatics with cash is a horrible idea.
Negrel 7 months ago
Our leading Theologians are brilliant men and women.
Arasar 7 months ago
I mean, its not that I disagree with you.
Arashijas 7 months ago
Where is this person coming from?
Yozshujora 7 months ago
Everyone has an opinion... :b
Mira 6 months ago
Uhm... no politics , no religion....
Mora 6 months ago
Fvck The Bullsheet ??????
Shadal 6 months ago
I know but its his go to quip.

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