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I see a lot of man made things, in a natural world of a natural universe. No evidence of an intelligent designer to the universe.

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Mooguzil 6 months ago
God takes life quite often in the bible.
Bragore 6 months ago
Then is now in some places.
Dajas 5 months ago
You're proving the D-K effect.
Mogore 5 months ago
what is meant by convenient?
Dolabar 5 months ago
I have BA in chemistry (and an MD).
Dozragore 5 months ago
Backhanded insults.. very Christlike.
Meztigar 5 months ago
Really, Can not not read what you wrote?
Tashura 4 months ago
Everything you say has to be a question, understand?
Arashigrel 4 months ago
Thank you. I have found a more current pic.
Vudogore 4 months ago
They march in the streets against
Goltilar 4 months ago
Did you lose a bet?
Dit 4 months ago
I hate creepy things
Kakasa 4 months ago
Dirty little bugg r, wonder what he is thinking??
Nat 4 months ago
Hope he was on some sort of watch list.
Disho 3 months ago
I owned one.A 1972 Plymouth Duster, green
Tuzahn 3 months ago
Not surprised, liberals created that "paradise" called California.
Faetaur 3 months ago
How about this: he wasn't
Mikajind 3 months ago
Nothing compared to the party who started the KKK.
Tojaramar 3 months ago
...or she does not like you, lets see.
Muktilar 3 months ago
Afternoon. How are you today
Meztibei 2 months ago
Cute, except the pic I posted is real.
Kagar 2 months ago
Then kick it in the face for good measure.
Zugar 2 months ago
Moving the goal posts after a solid spanking?
Negor 2 months ago
Extinction is a new series on Netflix.
Sarn 2 months ago
The chippies keep the squirrels at bay.
Nijind 1 month ago
What's your sales pitch for Atheism?
Zulkile 1 month ago
Ick, Eastern Armenians lol
Dirisar 1 month ago
There is my beautiful Hockey lucky charm!!

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