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415 04:209 months ago

It only works if its true. In this case I chuckled a little bit.

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Meztilabar 9 months ago
This situation can't last.
Shabei 9 months ago
Nice outfit to go to Dubai in, too.
Gut 8 months ago
The hypocrisy of the left on display again.
Dujin 8 months ago
Define moderate version of Islam
Fegor 8 months ago
If you don't like my idea then do something,
Mumi 8 months ago
They all encourage irrational thoughts and behaviour.
Vik 7 months ago
Some appear here simply to argue.
Moogukus 7 months ago
Nazi fascisim in the form of a religion.
Zulkitilar 7 months ago
That's a wild mischaracterization of the historical situation .
Brakora 7 months ago
Your response was intellectually dishonest.
Dizshura 7 months ago
...are ya clean yet??

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