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648 08:4110 months ago

Lol. I cited several. And if you can't address the comments I make, that's fine by me. You lose.

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Akinoshicage 10 months ago
To each their own...I like drinking more than gaming
Kajikree 10 months ago
Your right, ....trouble is,,,,,she is dead
Yojora 10 months ago
It's all the federal government's fault.
Akinojar 9 months ago
With a side order of rust please!
Guramar 9 months ago
Goshicage 9 months ago
And most of those rules belong to the OT.
Zudal 9 months ago
Let us know when you find it. Tks.
Mitaxe 9 months ago
Why are we decieved
Sar 8 months ago
Thank you, I'm sure I will.
Faerisar 8 months ago
Yeah, I thought so too!
Zolozil 8 months ago
Apparently you care enough to comment. Why?s that?
Sajar 8 months ago
LoL you are the cat GIF master.
Negrel 8 months ago
Cute, except the pic I posted is real.
Shakree 7 months ago
I will need google soon to recall any Mahler.
Akinozilkree 7 months ago
Here you go Luv
Gakinos 7 months ago
It is a contradiction with: HE is all knowing.
Faekus 7 months ago
The DaVinci Code is a historical piece
Shaktinris 7 months ago
CNN, WAPO, CBC, the Star...??..
Zulkijora 7 months ago
No, what I provided you were three things.
Mooguktilar 6 months ago
Totally awesome to the brainless basers.
Kigarisar 6 months ago
Goes both ways sometimes.
Fetaxe 6 months ago
Ok really like ya young lady!!
Malagul 5 months ago
y will he do that
Dakasa 5 months ago
you won't catch me arguing for climate models.
Kelkis 5 months ago
Yes, isn't that how it generally works?
Shaktigor 5 months ago
Most women don't respect themselves.
Faekora 5 months ago
Hey Acosta go F yourself
Dujora 5 months ago
I suppose you?ve never heard of an hypothesis.
Malasida 4 months ago
Tory should spend some time studying
Faehn 4 months ago
Yeah .. your beautiful voice make me feel better

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