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God changes though. Claiming that he's unchanging basically ignores everything that happens from God's perspective. He changes. He does things. An unchanging thing is an inanimate object.

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Bajind 10 months ago
Have you heard LeBugger speak?
Akijar 10 months ago
Will you return the favor?
Brashicage 10 months ago
Unconditional love. Wisdom. Fellowship.
Faer 10 months ago
Is that Sommer Ray?
Yozshulrajas 10 months ago
Are you a Nacirema?
Moogujora 9 months ago
I thought it was sarcasm. No?
Zolohn 9 months ago
Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
Taktilar 9 months ago
What wrong with tittie's
Zolozahn 9 months ago
Does the bill talk about miscarriages?
Narisar 9 months ago
I shall not upvote myself :-)))
Yozshulrajas 9 months ago
First: you are never a lone
Yozshukora 8 months ago
changing that decision will not be easy...
Tojaran 8 months ago
Great sexy minds think alike. ??????????
Yorisar 8 months ago
We cuddle together and fall asleep.
Gora 8 months ago
....was in the 1950s when unemployment was below 3%.
Shaktigal 8 months ago
Have any of the other women complained?
Tegal 8 months ago
Poor 'ole Mr. Potato Head.

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