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855 10:0910 months ago

No shit! I can remember as a ten year old, the local business college bought a UNIVAC III and installed it on the glassed in porch of their school. For most of that year, it was quite the rage for us kids to go buy an ice cream cone and stand in front of the window watching the tapes turn. Boy howdie! It was a hot time in the old town tonight!

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Kagataur 10 months ago
You leftys sure don't understand that word ...
Fenrijinn 10 months ago
Yeah I'm shy Lol
Kazim 10 months ago
Thanks brudda man... I?m exhausted ??????
Grocage 10 months ago
What about Katrina and the waves"Walking on Sunshine"
Dataur 9 months ago
I think it must be the uniform.
Tular 9 months ago
YHWH declares it to be sin.
Dalar 9 months ago
Welcome to the Music Channel ---lol
Fenrilabar 9 months ago
Who were they "terrorizing" at that point in time?
Tauran 8 months ago
What would that be?
Taucage 8 months ago
Lol. Throwing in race! Surprise surprise.
Moogutilar 8 months ago
We're a lowly class indeed.
Tell 8 months ago
Please provide evidence of the ridiculous claims you made.
Mezidal 8 months ago
He stings like a bull elephant!
Zolokus 8 months ago
Look how rusty it already is ??
Tygoramar 7 months ago
OK, chum. Whatever makes you happy.
Dalkis 7 months ago
Not sure I quite follow?

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