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269 06:036 months ago

I say great if it does in fact. Traitors only deserve to be tard and feathered then quartered period! The audacity of what they tried to accomplish should be a death sentence!

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Arakinos 6 months ago
Answer the question Bill or stop with your hatred.
Nabar 6 months ago
You ARE, aren't you?
Samujind 6 months ago
Yeah, I'm all golden brown.
Milkis 6 months ago
Oh, so it's all about your own sh't.
Yotaxe 6 months ago looks like Detroit. ??
Yonris 5 months ago
well, that isn't overly hysterical or anything.
Nalmaran 5 months ago
Example, gay and trans lynchings.
Golrajas 5 months ago
obviously you are insane.
Talkis 5 months ago
No, not by itself.
Mazuzil 5 months ago
Muslims are not more violent. The Islamic doctrine is.
Tecage 5 months ago
To whom? I think it?s easier. But not better.
JoJobar 5 months ago
do we use small talk or large talk?
Kajikree 5 months ago
Relax, Paul. Ain't no books in heaven or hades.
Jujora 4 months ago
It's my obligation to make yall laugh
Zulule 4 months ago
Research the Roman historian Thallus.Then get back to me.
Tygodal 4 months ago
Well, that's certainly a perspective. ;0)
Dilar 4 months ago
no you're a shill it's clear.
Yojas 3 months ago
Or better yet .... Sold out to Islam
Nikozuru 3 months ago
cool, a double ban
Goltilkree 3 months ago
Oh motorcycle! lol
Goltirr 3 months ago
Spin-off making fridges better insulated could happen.
Garamar 3 months ago
"Postal Worker Shoots Fagggots" would be expected

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