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627 14:408 months ago

that will be the day, with all the wars the USA has gotten countries big or small into, someone was bound to walk away one day.

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Meztishicage 8 months ago
Oh. A thinking person. All others don't think.
Taurn 8 months ago
And the Somali pirates...Al Shabab is already there.
Mokree 7 months ago
the BIG guys like Total are out
Dujas 7 months ago
Hey, I resemble that remark.
JoJolmaran 7 months ago
Oh shit. That's an old one.
Faeshura 7 months ago
It's not actually funny.
Doukree 7 months ago
Look who the alternative was.
Tojalabar 7 months ago
This wins you this today
Nelar 7 months ago
I think you missed the context. ;)
Migal 6 months ago
The stand for my morality? Probably my coffee table.
Bragore 6 months ago
So, if the OT commandments from God against homosexuality
Gasida 6 months ago
quit the jive-ass and answer my questions.
Fenrir 6 months ago
Thanks. I work out. Wait...
Kazishura 6 months ago
See ya soon ! :)
Dizil 6 months ago
Do you judge flies? Grass? Mountains?
Basar 5 months ago
That about sums it up.
Zulugis 5 months ago
The case for term limits--it's so clear.
Zulunris 5 months ago
Lol! What does that mean! ??????
Dok 5 months ago
You always mic'd her up?
Doktilar 5 months ago
I think it is superman or something actually ;)
Zutaxe 5 months ago
Me acting sober lol
Shakora 4 months ago
First slaves in America were Irish
Grobar 4 months ago
Your chromosomes are not changeable.
Tygoshakar 4 months ago
No, heritage suggests we inherited it.
Kazishakar 4 months ago
I'm not for trump just against you

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