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801 16:106 months ago

unemployment when Obama left office =4.4%, now it is 4% - WOW - what a major improvement, meanwhile:

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Yodal 6 months ago
Trump* will bail them out.
Kegor 6 months ago
They taste good :) ik
Gardakree 6 months ago
here you go again...
Nibar 6 months ago
one of the most respected statisticians in the world
Makus 6 months ago
it is obvious you are batshit crazy.
Shaktigal 6 months ago
So what that I referenced the news
Nezuru 5 months ago
This dipshit sure thinks highly of himself.
Fele 5 months ago
Your people are not the American People.
Keramar 5 months ago
We will find something interesting to do ??
Mazuramar 5 months ago
Ha Ha, I'm too fickle!
Voodookora 5 months ago
You will bow before Zod.
Samulkis 5 months ago
Sure. I've already covered this in depth earlier:
Yozshut 5 months ago
The Shooter shouldn't have been threatening the woman"...
Sagore 4 months ago
I think it's time to ban this troll. ITOWCHATT
Tojakinos 4 months ago
Ya, and violence and crime.
Zulkikree 4 months ago
Wow I think someone up there agrees with you!
Goshura 4 months ago
Still blaming the problem with their culture on others
Zolonos 3 months ago
I can always find another bitch in the sea.
Vuzuru 3 months ago
after one hour ..

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