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"Actually that is not true at all, the bible far surpasses what is required by academia to be considered historically accurate."

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Mauzragore 10 months ago
I got the opposite.
Mozragore 10 months ago
Dunning Kruger is strong with you.
Kitilar 10 months ago
I believe he hates all religions equally
Kilkis 10 months ago
Three people, hundreds of years, they somehow worked together?
Kagar 10 months ago
DUDE, you asked me the questions,right PAL ???
Kazragis 9 months ago
Where are your tats and what are they of?
Doudal 9 months ago
do you think I might...?
Toshura 9 months ago
Do you know what gender dysphoria is?
Grokazahn 9 months ago
Eternity, separated from God, with NO hope.
Moogukasa 9 months ago
Liberal? How did you deduce that from his statement?
Mashicage 9 months ago
now that is fast food.
Dulmaran 9 months ago
It wasn't prophetic in the slightest.
Tugal 8 months ago
corruption like most leftest do
Gudal 8 months ago
nice nickname i like this gif of her :P

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