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923 08:1610 months ago

So you do not think that a God and His Children does exist. As we see in all of Creation?

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Dashicage 10 months ago
Did you do it?
Kigarn 9 months ago
Hahaha ?????? youre adorable Jae
Kelabar 9 months ago
I will repeat this.
Najinn 9 months ago
Well I feel obligated to try.
Zut 9 months ago
She will hang on till the bitter end.
Tabei 9 months ago
Yeah that is right!!
Vudorg 8 months ago
And 911 was done by Saudis right ?
Galkis 8 months ago
Did Russia turn off the tap...?
Tygogul 8 months ago
You don't actually believe Jones' toxic bullshit, do you?
Kagak 8 months ago
John says. I don't buy it.
Narr 8 months ago
The left-wing rats will protect this piece of garbage.
Vokasa 8 months ago
No sommer is here!!
Kigagor 7 months ago
The next step in Obergruppenfuhrer Miller's Final Solution.
Akiktilar 7 months ago
I honestly think you're prettier than Solange.
Shakashakar 7 months ago
What do you place your reliance upon?
Kazikazahn 7 months ago
happens a lot unfortunately.
Vudojind 6 months ago
It's all good, thank you too sir
Dogami 6 months ago
Jesus calls Him Father.
Kelkis 6 months ago
No problem I understand. They have priority.
Akijind 6 months ago
Lies? Truth always hurts and invites attack.
Tojasho 6 months ago
Nope,just the only HONEST hoe.....your playin a shameless game
Mirn 6 months ago
Good morning coffee achievers.
Nikorg 6 months ago
The word Holy on the cover.
Mautaxe 5 months ago
Wow, are you rocking a mullet now?
Nataur 5 months ago
Welp, looks like I?m establishing my own sect then.
Voodoot 5 months ago
You got all 12 right, good job
Malanos 5 months ago
What point has been recycled?
Mut 5 months ago
I hate lies totally!!

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