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Repent means to turn away, does it not? We need to do that continually. Accepting Christ does not remove temptation. Accepting Christ does not mean we will NEVER sin again.

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JoJogal 9 months ago
"Y2k comes to mind!"
Samujinn 9 months ago
That's too big of a word for me.
Danris 9 months ago
The Holy Bible is the source of Truth.
Gazil 8 months ago
This is a tax cut.
Bajin 8 months ago
I added another comment to your thread... LOLOL!!!!
Dotilar 8 months ago
Front row and an endless supply of dollar bills.
Tojakinos 8 months ago
What is childish about some quotes?
Akinolabar 7 months ago
Seriously? An opinion piece in a rag?
Zuluktilar 7 months ago
The atheist knows he or she lacks a belief.
Virn 7 months ago
Something we always suspected.
Kajigul 7 months ago
Indeed she was...and still is. Lovely person too.
Goltisar 7 months ago
Believing in and acknowledging him as a savior.
Gardahn 7 months ago
Goodbye you rightist sucker.....Bwawawawawawawawawawa
Mule 6 months ago
I love double bans. ??
Najind 6 months ago
Don?t assume my gender I am non binary
Tok 6 months ago
Push him back and call him a cab.
Felrajas 6 months ago
Our tax dollars, those who really do work :^)
Mekazahn 5 months ago
Earthworms and red wigglers are high in protein.
Fern 5 months ago
I don't get the mallard duck.
Gulkis 5 months ago
O Come All Ye Faithful
Faukora 5 months ago
What's wrong with that, I wonder?
Kigagis 5 months ago
Well, Trump wasn't at the meeting so likely Jr.
Tadal 4 months ago
Ask a Jewish person,
Nagar 4 months ago
Read Katzenbach v. McClung. That is all.
Visida 4 months ago
The first part is from Full Metal Jacket...
Tuzilkree 4 months ago
The Church teaches sex is great in marriage.
Sazilkree 4 months ago
Can believers grow a real God?
Shakataxe 4 months ago
Exactly, just like what you did to my question.
Kajikinos 3 months ago
She didn't spy. She investigated her opponent.
Arashikora 3 months ago
How did he get it being illiterate?

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