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More importantly, do you know how the concept came into being? How indentured servants became a practice?

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Duzilkree 8 months ago
Morals and laws come from human societies. Subjective.
Tojasho 8 months ago
Mod comment: Those are the rules.
Morn 8 months ago
No, they think the constitution is toilet paper.
Kazit 8 months ago
?If you can?t run, then you need to g"
Taugul 7 months ago
Is that how it is at your end?
Nejinn 7 months ago
Quel bolos . . .
Malazragore 7 months ago
Something for your Prince..
Daigami 6 months ago
Why do you think this is a good ruling?
Maunris 6 months ago
He should start with mueller and rosenstein
Dasida 6 months ago
Birds of a feather I suspect.
Gardar 6 months ago
An entire page of PRATT's, it turns out.
Moogular 6 months ago
How much knowledge do you have?
Zujin 5 months ago
That's lover of long dong
Vilmaran 5 months ago
Well, Jesus did teach, Love thy enemy.
Kelkis 5 months ago
Nor did he beat him in an election.
Shaktigis 5 months ago
Yet the dossier was verified...... lawyers are idiots.
Mikree 5 months ago
Evolution MUST be directed to work.
Tojazragore 5 months ago
Ah. I see. You've created your own taxonomic system.
Shale 4 months ago
To let them suffer.
Julkree 4 months ago
Man, really taking one for the team
Vimi 4 months ago
I agree with that.
Douhn 4 months ago
So I can have this:
Yozshujas 3 months ago
Cool! Bang a Dong?
Brashicage 3 months ago
Also Batman is overrated.
Nikokora 3 months ago
This is some sort of false flag, right?
Gusar 3 months ago
One question though, how's life at 60s?
Fenrisho 3 months ago
I'm glad I'm not serving the public anymore.
Tunris 3 months ago
Exactly, Paul was pretty good with words.
Guk 3 months ago
Hey nice!! hahaha

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