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Maybe in popular thought but not in Shariah. It is haram (forbidden) as opposed to halal (approved).

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Kiktilar 10 months ago
No bennies, no beaners! Great idea President Trump..
Tujas 10 months ago
I want to know more about you
Zurn 10 months ago
Who has taken Jones away from you?
Gromi 10 months ago
Pink Ranger how are you
Miramar 10 months ago
The universe is part of everything
Zulugar 9 months ago
Put Americans to work
Faukree 9 months ago
but did YOU make a leftist comment?
Tehn 9 months ago
IQ intelligence quotient
Tygolrajas 9 months ago
I believe he would.
Metilar 9 months ago
The big question is would BTC hit it?
Tolkis 9 months ago
The nationalist schooling institution is innately and fundamentally xenophobic.
Kazranris 8 months ago
It's called, losing a debate . It's a bitch.
Zolozragore 8 months ago
I will do that
Kagacage 8 months ago
The benefit of atheism:?
Malakazahn 8 months ago
Say it isn't so!
Fenrihn 8 months ago
Obviously you have nothing concrete to say.
Sagrel 8 months ago
Sounds like a gang war to me.
Zolojin 8 months ago
Bible logic? What is that?
Grotilar 7 months ago
So these were Jewish cults in the first century?
Fenrizshura 7 months ago
How does polygamy threaten the common good?

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