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292 10:1410 months ago

I can't paint with that broad a brush. I have a liberal neighbor who voted for Bernie. He and I talk frequently. We're friends despite our politics. We should all guard against saying things like "they're all scum."

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Vobei 10 months ago
What exactly does that mean?
Maugal 10 months ago
"Mockery should be met with jeering and dismissal..."
Todal 9 months ago
Good morning James ??
Gukus 9 months ago
Secular Scientism can't explain distant starlight.
Mikalabar 9 months ago
That's Chrysti Ane Lopes
Akinosar 9 months ago
How do you decide what needs to be done?
Shalmaran 9 months ago
CO2's got what plants crave
Kazralrajas 8 months ago
It didn't make me any friends, I'll admit.
Vigami 8 months ago
Show me where I said I was a Christian.
Groshakar 8 months ago
Argumentum ad Populum is a fallacious argument.
Dourg 8 months ago
lol... :) Or lack thereof
Yocage 8 months ago
No, it is precisely what I stated absurd.
Gahn 8 months ago
OK. whatever that means.
Kazrara 7 months ago
Fingers crossed that you'll get some recreation soon!
Tautilar 7 months ago
Sowell is truly a man of keen perception.
Mikami 7 months ago
How do you define cause ?
Daibei 7 months ago
I suspect it has cost me also
Mikacage 7 months ago
Haaaaa, it is. lol. so funny.
Kigara 7 months ago
Hatred? Of what? Of who!?
Shakami 7 months ago
Stay ho.e and make their country work.
Magami 6 months ago
Go fuck yourself, racist coward.
Arashitilar 6 months ago
Butts are sexy ??
Nezahn 6 months ago
Donnie jr could be going down.
Yozshukree 6 months ago
Thanks for confirming your bigotry
Grogore 6 months ago
you are clueless pal

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