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501 12:386 months ago

Tyson made over $700 million during his career. He lost almost all of it.

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Mumuro 6 months ago
Maybe this one is more clear
Gorr 6 months ago
Not an opinion, the accurate definition.
Arashik 6 months ago
It's all about "likes" and self promotion.
Vudoshura 5 months ago
I scared her ??????
Gugul 5 months ago
Cardi b- I like it
Yokasa 5 months ago
I've posed this elsewhere but you are also deserving.
Doukasa 5 months ago
Yep, you're a "genius", pal.
Vizilkree 5 months ago
You can answer that your self. Nothing w/o possible
Voll 5 months ago
Inertia. It bought my old bank, so...
Kat 4 months ago
Let's not have a pissing contest.
Shakatilar 4 months ago
"How did he betray us"
Migul 4 months ago
Wow. How well said! Awesome.
Yozshulkree 4 months ago
A wild village atheist appears? See religious NGO's.
Dogor 4 months ago
Nice attempt to justify your racism.
Kazralar 4 months ago
I moved my comment, and changed this one
Daishakar 3 months ago
GOPsters go to Whadduh Bout Ism first and always.
Goltinris 3 months ago
My pleasure. yes sky look lovely.
Kazigore 3 months ago
I want to hear his answer.
Voodoozshura 3 months ago
What do I see on the horizon?
Kazrabei 3 months ago
Exponentially easier with a 3d printer.
Zulular 3 months ago
Not sure two surveys consistent correlation. Meh.
Shaktikora 2 months ago
'Democrat shitholes' is redundant.
Taurg 2 months ago
I wouldn't like that.

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