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I guess a solution would be keeping them in separate quarters.

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Ner 7 months ago
This doesn't actually refute what was said.
Mauzshura 7 months ago
What do you think created life?
Daik 7 months ago
Especially Tiffany. Poor Tiffany
Dozilkree 7 months ago
golly G beaver- you sure are swell.
Vuzuru 7 months ago
You have no valid arguments stalker.
Tygora 7 months ago
Two words. Hillary Clinton.
Kagagul 6 months ago
Yes. Look at this racist and her brown kids.
Daicage 6 months ago
Its on netflix huh? U like it?
Tojalmaran 6 months ago
I like butts...and I can not lie. ??
Gardabei 6 months ago
You?re welcome, buddy. :)
Malajas 6 months ago
Please clearly state your question or purpose for discussion.
Kimi 6 months ago
I like Swedish coffee culture
Fem 5 months ago
You sound pretty bigoted there yourself.
Misida 5 months ago
True. We aren't that big a country
Kazisida 5 months ago
Hah! Diving deep there
Moogujar 5 months ago
No, universities and hospitals origins are in religious movements.
Mikabar 4 months ago
Sick soundtrack as well.
Daikree 4 months ago
Can we see what it looks like.
Kazrajinn 4 months ago
How would you know?
Mazusho 4 months ago
Let's see that paper.

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