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Thanks, that's more than I got from TS (unami). At least you have acted as a moderator.

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Samugar 8 months ago
You're welcome to that belief
Akinozshura 8 months ago
You mean the lies must continue
JoJole 7 months ago
The Titanic's swimming pool is still full?
Tygotaur 7 months ago
i thought myrna might have noticed. :)
Danos 7 months ago
College used to mean Plato not play-doh
Vugore 7 months ago
Why will one religion imposed their believe on people
Voodoorisar 7 months ago
There are Republicans who are Socialist/Communist/Marxists?
Tujas 6 months ago
America just wants to export you
Kazrasar 6 months ago
Your two statements can be in conflict.
Yokree 6 months ago
i agree, its safer.
Fegis 6 months ago
Germany needs a Hitler to save it from islam
Togul 6 months ago
I'm not offensive.........I'm staying
Nikotaur 6 months ago
No. I am claiming purpose is subjective.
Mezijin 6 months ago
I am female, so yeah.
Faegor 5 months ago
lol... I post obtuse answers in the Interwebs.
Tokora 5 months ago
That's such a powerful mental image...
Gajind 5 months ago
Way to go GL.??
Mashakar 5 months ago
15 years, 8 Months, 1 Day!
Zolohn 5 months ago
Then leave your religion.
Meztimi 5 months ago
He resigned before he was impeached.
Gukazahn 4 months ago
You you tons, JB. :)
Voodoora 4 months ago
they can protest on their own fking time
Vujin 4 months ago
Genesis 1:26 New International Version (NIV)
Zologrel 4 months ago
Popcorn, pirate streaming.... sshhh.
Tojataur 4 months ago
Where did he say that?!
Mugor 4 months ago
Not in the face of ignorant and idiotic statements.
Faekree 3 months ago
Just leave comedy to the professionals.
Arajinn 3 months ago
Mejicanas. I think they have a nice skill set.....
Talabar 3 months ago
Bullshit is not a refutation, even a coherent repudiation.
Arashihn 3 months ago
LOL that doesn't even make sense.

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